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I want to share this project with you. I was working on this for the past months. It was the first project made on my own, without the help of any teacher. It has been quite difficult but I am very happy with the result. Now I am going to explain a little the workflow that I have followed.
First of all I created the base mesh with the anatomy of a human, with his Uvs and a good topology for later on be able to create the displacement map. Then I did the high poly and posed the model in Zbrush, during this process I also started doing all the props , the skirt was created in Marvelous Designer. For the skin of the gladiator I used Mari, and for all the props Substance Painter.
The hair was done in Maya with xGen and the final render in Arnold.
For my next work I will keep improving, and I will try to learn more about udims and hair cards. I hope you like this project and every feedback is helpful.